SME Payroll Services

SME Payroll ServicesSmall and medium enterprises, known for short as SME, have vastly different requirements when it comes to payroll than large firms and corporations. Some are so small that they attempt to juggle their own payroll needs in house, either done by the owner or through an in-house bookkeeper.

However, as you may well be realizing, theseĀ  are costly options in terms of both money and time. You can save a ton of money and time by outsourcing your SME payroll services with the reliability, security, and professionalism you expect.

Not only can you get access to a wide range of convenient payroll processing schedules, from weekly and biweekly to monthly and semi-monthly, you can also decide to add on affordable services such as tax filing, direct deposit, pay cards (essentially debit cards) and online access for your employees so they can check their paycheck status, remaining vacation and sick days, etc.

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